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Pacific CX Series 5-Piece Drum Kit

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Features and Specs
Shells: Maple
Bass Drum: 18x22"
Snare Drum: 5x14"
Rack Toms: 8x10"
: 9x12"
: 12x14"

User Ratings
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Overall : Rating: 5/5 stars
Sound : Rating: 5/5 stars
Look : Rating: 5/5 stars
Feel : Rating: 5/5 stars
Reliability : Rating: 4.5/5 stars
Value : Rating: 5/5 stars

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User Reviews

Review by daniel


I actually own a 6 piece, they are free floating toms 8" 10" 12" 14", tom quality is a high level one at that. 14" snare is good and the 22" kick is the best i've owned. The kit is that good i had to put top quality hardware with it ( dw 9000 plus 9000 kick pedal ) it deserves nothing less. I've been playing since the early 80's and have used many brands and i am happy and confident to say that this kit sits high with all the big brands, and of course Dw who actually makes the kit. I bought this kit for my music shop fell in love with it and took it home instead.


I sat this kit next to other brands and at the end of the day the sound quality drew me back to it each time.Hit them hard or hit them soft either way the sound quality will not disappoint you.


My kit is blue wood grain finish, crome free floating mounts and lugs makes this kit very sexy.


All I can say is wow, look good, feel good, play good. When something makes you feel good your performance levels rise, cause if you feel good inside about your gear it shows on the outside when you play.


They say rexona wont let you down,well neither will these drums, i've had no problems with fittings or mounts coming loose. As I use these drums regular in different venues I am setting them up and putting them away all the time and have found the fittings and mounts as good as the first time they were set up. By the way rexona is a deodorant spray if you didn't already know. lol.


Great drums at a great price makes this kit cheaper than most high quality kits. In saying this, this kit is not a low quality kit it sits with the best of them.

Other Comments

What ever kit you have just get on them and enjoy your self.

Review by [anonymous]

Other Comments

Best kit I ever owned