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EDC705 5-String Bass Guitar

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Features and Specs
Strings: 5

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User Reviews

Review by thasol


I dont know when this bass was made, but i brought it back in 2001. Made in Korea, which usually is not such a great thing, but ive had no problems with it.

24 fretts on a smooth maple kneck, adorning a 3 peice kneck. Not sure what the kneck is made of, Luthite like the body is my guess. The kneck is bolted on, but done properly and sucurely in a good joint, giving no gaps between the body and kneck itself. 5 string, as the name suggests.

A gorgeous contoured top with a ridge to rest your thumb (though its not deep enough for me to use i find) and a scalloped area at the bottom of the kneck for getting under the strings for slap bass.

Controls are a volume, a pickup selector with a pot in the middle which is handy, stacked bass boost and tone for each of the pickups, giving the apearance of only four dials when there are infact six (clever, eh?).

Two active humbucking pickups, Ibanez made, one close to the bridge and the other in the middle of the body, giving loads of room between the kneck pickup and the kneck itself. Active electronics complete the set up, though that means replacing the battery, but only about every six months which is a good rate for active guitars and basses.

Body is made of Luthite, meaning its lightweight, an apealing feature for mopst bassists, especially the females and those with bad backs. The finish is 'Iron Puter', which is actually a fantastic finsih. Dark grey, though some say greenish, which glitters when looked upon closely. Looks great understage lighting. The bodies shape is nothing like yourve seen before on a bass of this price range, an over exagerated classical body shape, with long, slim horns, though their stregth is not to be doubted.

The bridge is a well designed saddle styled bridge, like all the hardwear, in black. Easy to restring and adjust action with a screwdriver.

simple black plastic tuners, which stay in tune pretty well i think.

Kneck is slim, slimemr than a Fender fourstring, which is fantastic for a 5 string bass, meaning the distance between teh strings is small, great for reacfhing across them with ease. The edges are rounded emaning they dont cut into your hands like, for example, a fender kneck. Easy to reach the high frets thanks to teh bodies design, a nice shape and nice to handle.

The strap buttons also need tightening every now and again, but not much, and ive never touched the truss rod as of yet. Ive had back up basses but have never had to use them, its still reliable as long as your up to the task of maintaining it every now and again.


This bass can scope a huge number of sounds. The Kneck pickup is bouncy and thick, the middle selection is stronger and more defined, and the bridge is bright with good attack, though lacks bottom abit. The bass boosts on the two pickups are fantastic, and when used with the tone, can produce some interesting effects. I play with the boosts on full, and the tones half way in their pots (another great feature). This produces for me, the best sound, as its not too bright, with mids and loads of bottom without sounding like a low rumble, meaning theres loads of colour. However, i found with the bridge pickup, if you put the boost on full and bring the tone right down, you imediatly get a HUGE boost, that will sound like its about to tear your amp apart. Obviously, not to be used much.

In full, it has a well rounded sound, bright in the highs with plenty of mids and lows that get you noticed.......

The only bad points i could find is that when you put the tones up to full, it makes the bass sound so bright it hurts, and is accompanied with a hissing......

Apart from that, very versatile to mess around with, jsut about any sound can be found.


unbelievable cool


heavy and after right adjustement unbelievable fast kneck with great slap positions


heavy duty, dongs and bangs are no problem for the lack . unless i red online , that you shouldn´t transport it on airplane . The plastik - Luthite bursts in 1000 peaces when getting to cold :-(


will never give it away

Review by Roger Chapman


Ihave been playing bass, in local bands, cover tunes and all original, since 1980.

I have owned probably 15 to 20 basses in that time, my first bass was a "Kay", I've also owned a Moonstone, a Kubicki/Factor, 3 BCRich Warlock, mockinbird, and the Beast; a Tune Technology, a Hamer 12 string, 3 Ibanez, etc.

My response today is because of the Ibanez photo you have here of the EDC 705.

One of my Ibanez's was one exactly like the one in the photo, except mine was a 4 string.

I loved that bass and played it more than any of my others! It's balance was perfect, it's playability was best described by me, when I told someone :it's so easy to play, I almost feel like I'm cheating"

I many times was told that my sound was great, and what was I using to get that sweet tone?

I used only my Ibanez and SWR amplification.

I lost this bass along with 11 other guitars and basses when my house burnt down in January of '09

I have been so devastated by the loss of my gear that I haven't played onstage since then.

But I absolutely loved that Ibanez bass!!

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